Battle of the June 3, 1849
Battle of the June 3, 1849

The walls of this cottage are full of history. It was one of the last out­ posts bravely defended by Garibaldi’s men, when in 1849 the French troops of General Oudinot menaced the young Roman Republic.

During the Breaks in the Fights Garibaldi used to stop at that small inn. He tied his white horse up to a tree, the trunk of which, half-destroyed by a thunderbolt, can still be  identified nowadays.

Garibaldi became the host’s friend and often stopped to talk with him, calling him, in confidence, ” Scarpone “for his muddy big shoes used to work in the fields.

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Trilussa nel giardino del ristorante (1943)

trilussa nel giardino del ristorante 1943


Ristorante Scarpone annuncio Messaggero 1900