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Ristorante Scarpone – Via di S.Pancrazio 15 – 00152 Roma

Scarpone Restaurant on Gianicolo since 1849

Er gran riarto fatto da Scarpone
ariuscì come tutti li banchetti:
un po’ de telegrammi d’adesione,
filetto tosto, brindisi, spaghetti,
zuppa inglese, discorsi, mosche, soni
e tant’artre rotture de minchioni.



On Gianicolo Hill just outside Porta San Pancrazio at number 15 of the Homonymous street, which was, once, a small country road there is the restaurant ” Scarpone ” in a cottage.
Nowadays the old inn has become one of the most welcoming places in the city.
Besides the comfortable inside rooms, one of them cosy, the other one larger with a crackling fireplace at the back of the room, there are wide gardens and outside verandas too, where, in summer, you can appreciate that “Venticello de Roma” blowing over Gianicolo.


The closeness to the splendid Villa Pamphili Park, the largest park in the city and the memory of back-gardens and vinegards surrounding the inn, in the past, have a certain influence on the typical dishes of “Scarpone”.
Among the tastiest dishes there are ” Fettuccine vegetariane ” recommended to people who want to taste a light but very savoury dish, “La rughetta”, Ovidio and Plinio’s salax herb, another speciality of Scarpone is “Tagliata di manzo”.You can have different appetizers,  first and second courses, among them there are fish and meat cooked on large grills and a very good pizza. To the excellent quality and a rea­ sonable price you can add a very impeccable service.
The landlords, fully aware, of the historical importance of the restaurant (remembe­ red in the verses by Petrolini and Trilussa) still, nowadays, keep the hospitality feeling that has been rooted in the Roman heart for ages.



Via S. Pancrazio, 15  – 00152 ROMA

Large private parking.


Tuesday – Sunday

12:45pm – 3pm    7:30pm – 11:15pm

Monday Close all day

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